For Paris Youth Foundation, starting a band was a nought to sixty ascent they can still hardly believe. Uploading first song If You Wanna to Soundcloud, a fortnight later the band found themselves playing their first show at Reading Festival. From Liverpool, Paris Youth Foundation is singer and guitarist Kevin Potter, guitarist Tom Morris Jones, and drummer Jonny Alderton.

Having played in bands around Liverpool, last summer they decided to start something new, bringing in bassist Paul Bates and guitarist Jamie Hives through friends in the city’s vibrant music scene and from the performing arts school LIPA.

Speaking of Liverpool, Potter says, “It’s so small, but it consistently knocks out these great bands. With LIPA too, it’s like Hogwarts. You’ve got all these wizards who are just great at music at your disposal. We wouldn’t have Paul and we wouldn’t have Jamie without Hogwarts.” If Paris Youth Foundation’s current trajectory is anything to go by, it don’t be long before Kevin Potter’s story becomes as infamous as his Hogwarts contemporaries.

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